Saturday, December 24, 2011

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve...

...if I didn't cast on one last gift! See, my little sister has sort of a, hmmm, "turbulent" love life in the past. Of course, she's 20, which is the prime age for a turbulent love life. But this has led to serious hesitation when it comes to holiday knitting for these gentleman. There was the year she dumped the guy on December 23rd, present already wrapped under the tree, and how can we forget the new boyfriend I met for the first time on Christmas morning? Well, the current lucky guy has been around a couple of months now, and they're planning to shack up... so I cast on for him yesterday.

This Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted is so amazingly soft, it will make a great hat for someone new to receiving gifts for a knitter. My trick is to totally dazzle them from the outset, I'm flashy that way.

I also got some Misti Alpaca for Brian and I, to make us matching Foot Ovens to wear as slippers in the new house.

I also got some lovely handspun yarn from some awesome spinners, from holiday exchanges at the Minnesota Prairie Spinners Guild and St. Cloud Knitters holiday parties.

Spun by Sarah K

Spun by Jessica M - with GLITTER! Whee!
I have so much yarn at this point, I really just have no room left in the yarn closet! Fortunately, I'll have a whole room to fill in the house... Can't wait to pick out storage at Ikea!

Last night I tried a yummy treat, I got the recipe at the Y and it was super-easy. I melted a package of chocolate almond bark in the double boiler, and added orange zest, pistachios, and cherry-flavored craisins to it. Turned it out into a foil-lined pan, and let it cool. It's really good! I'd show you a picture... but it looks pretty poopy. Tastes awesome, though.

Merry Christmas, friends. I don't buy all the "Jesus is the reason for the season" mumbo jumbo, but as a spiritual mutt I can appreciate the celebration of glitter, snow, and stuffed stockings, spending time with people I love, special songs and food, and of course peace and joy. I'll be back soon with my scheme for 2012's knitting challenges!

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