Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some sweet Duluth action.

Just a few days after returning from Rhinebeck, Brian and I jaunted up to Duluth for a little spell. The weather on Saturday was phenomenal. I went for a walk with Leslie on the Hartley Trail and of course I forgot my camera. Sorry friends. But I can tell you that the trees grew in these great lines of grey birch and deep green fir, and as they rose on the hillside below where I stood on Rock Knob, all I could think was... this would make a great colorway for some yarn!

I went to Pizza Luce with the usual gang - Brian, Rudy & Leslie, and Drew - and sampled a new fall pizza.

I was missing the advertised cilantro and pineapple, very disappointing, but the butternut squash layer was phenomenal. I would recommend the Curried Coconut Butternut Squash Pizza to fans of Indian/Thai flavors. Yum!

On Sunday, Brian participated in a bike trials competition. The weather was pretty chilly and drizzly, but Brian had a good time with his friends anyway. If you're not familiar with bike trials, I suggest you check it out. It's pretty interesting, and you can see how much technique and skill is required. I took a few shots of the area, off 80th West at the bottom of Spirit Mountain:

It's important to have appropriate knitwear for all seasons in your car year-round. I came prepared:

Not much else to report. I finished sweater number 9 of 2011, and am halfway through the 10th (for my MIL!). In the future: a NaKniSweMo plan.

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