Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spinning: Gritty Knits edition

So, I belong to two fiber-of-the-month clubs. One of them is Gritty Knits merino braid club. It's such an awesome deal! 4oz is only $15, and includes shipping! There's awesome bonuses too - in the past few years I've been subscribed, I've gotten adorable bumper stickers, angelina glitz (still haven't used it yet!) bonus ounces of fiber, and more! I highly encourage you to check it out!
And if clubs aren't your thing, her hand-painted, fluffilicious merino braids are a steal at $12 each!

I recently spun up March's club fiber into 147 yards of two-ply worsted. I'm ridiculously happy about it!

I love how the yellows popped out, much less orange than the original braid! Really fun springy yarn. 

And now I already have another braid to restock. This is the August colorway - seems very citrusy to me.

 And, now..... a Special Announcement:

Welcome, Baby Aunders!

He arrived on the Tuesday after his baby shower, 6 weeks early, to proud parents Kris and Kyia. He arrived at a petite 4 lbs, 12 oz, and a lanky almost 18". He is now home from a "brief" stay at the NICU (although there's no such thing as a brief trip when you're separated from baby!) and is catching up from preemie status quite rapidly. Being that tiny, none of the baby caps he had (which were lovingly hand-knit by friends of grandma and grandpa in Denmark) fit his tiny noggin. I whipped up a little preemie cap using this excellently customizable pattern and Felici Sport yarn.

Snuggling with papa
Wishing this family well, and keep growing, Aunders! May your sweaters fit by wool season. XXOO!


  1. How scary that he came so early! I'm glad he's doing well though and has a new hat that actually fits. :)