Friday, August 5, 2011

Belated Tour de Fleece wrap up

I really, really enjoyed the Tour de Fleece this year. There was a lot less pressure due to my relaxed goals, and I'm happy with my progress.

I finished the rainbow batts, which turned out to be 1.8 pounds and 977 yards of bulky to super-bulky. That's a whole lot of yarn!
I also finished 4oz of Falkland, Spunky Eclectic Field of Screams (in the center). 207 yards of worsted.
The big pink blob is 478 yards of sportweight, 8 oz of Crown Mountain Farms SW merino in Pretty Woman. I'm excited to use this for the yoke of a sweater!
In the back, the left and center bobbins are 4oz of Gritty Knits merino. 91 yards of bulky 2-ply, plied after the Tour.
And lastly on the right, 5 oz of SW BFL. Spunky Eclectic Lame Duck Mallard. 217 yards of n-plied sportweight. I plied it after the Tour - also just singles pictured on the bobbin.

All together, I spun almost 50 ounces. Awesome!

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