Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tour de Fleece: Rainbow Batts and restocking

Almost halfway through the Tour de Fleece and I'm still plugging away at my Rainbow batts. I've been plying, and think I'm over half done with plying. Here's what I have so far:

The two left skeins are washed, the two on the right haven't had their twist set by soaking just yet. The yarn is pretty bulky, and averaging about 130-140 yards per skein.

I also finished Aunders' baby blanket - he's a special little guy due to be born in September to good friends of ours. I've knit him several sweaters and was so excited to show them off that they aren't going to be a surprise. So the baby blanket will be sooperseekrit until the baby shower. That wonderful momma to be picked up some fiber for me on a recent trip to Bend, Oregon:

It's Colonial Heather top in the colorways "Midnight" and "Northern Lights"  - pretty similar, and will look great plied together! Thanks, K & K!

Gritty Knits fiber club arrived this week - it's pretty lovely:

I love the teal and brown together. I think it will be fabulous spun up!
Better get back to my plying... soooo much plying.... 

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  1. You are making pretty yarn with the rainbow batts! Now I need to go back and see if you posted what your plans are for the yarn.