Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rainbow batts and wedding festivities

This breaking Tour de Fleece news:
The infamous rainbow batts are complete! There is so much yarn here that it can't all fit in one picture!

Sort of like when we try to take a picture of all my cousins:

Some get cut off... sorry, Matt. Blame my mother - she was taking the pictures. The lovely bride & groom in front are my cousin Lane and his new bride Nikki. Other various and sundry cousins and their behbehs are pictured at the gala last night... and I figured out we're missing 7 more cousins from these photos. But anyway, back to the yarn (easily distracted on an early Sunday morning)

I am so happy to be finished spinning the rainbow batts! Came out to be 1.8 pounds of fiber, 977 yards total. I'm be making a blanket for the folks who got me the lovely fiber, who also share their rad cabin in Hayward with us. I have a super awesome family!

I was able to give my cousin's girlfriend Tiffany her socks from last Christmas. What a sport, she even modeled them in her snazzy bridesmaid dress. Good thing they matched! Tiffany bought the yarn for me for Christmas two years ago, and I knit her these socks last Christmas... and forgot to bring them to our family's get-together. Tiff lives a few hours away from me, so this was the first chance I had to give these to her.

Also, my stylist friend talked me into coloring my hair, it's really cute and fun...
I figured out this is the first time I colored my hair since 2005-2006! Crazy!
I'm snuggling with my cute baby sister Catie here, she was also rocking a new look last night - all the blue on her sleeve tattoo is fresh. Looks awesome, and it's so good just to see my baby sister in general! This is about the third time I've seen her in the past month and I am really enjoying it!

I also started my July sweater of the month - the Falling Stars cardigan from Knit Picks:
 I swapped out the purple and coral in the original pattern for greens and sweet potato-orange. I just realized that there is a serious problem with the yoke increases in the pattern, which was revised by Knit Picks after I got the kit. So I need to call them tomorrow and request a new copy of the pattern. Hopefully they can send it soon - I am really loving this colorwork!

I'm off to a TdF party today, so hopefully I'll spin up lots more fiber to show you!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Great job getting the rainbow batts spun - will make a great blanket. LOL - I don't know if I ever saw a Bridesmaid in socks before. She is a good sport.