Sunday, July 10, 2011

TdF: Field of Screams

Tour de Fleece spinning, stages 7-8.

The fiber is from Spunky Eclectic fiber of the month club, from May 2010. (My goal for the Tour this year is to spin fiber that's over a year old.) This is 4 ounces of Falkland wool, dyed in the colorway "Field of Screams" - inspired by a field of carnivorous venus flytraps.

I fractal spun the fiber. Here's a great definition of fractal spinning from Briney Deep Designs' blog:
"Generally, fractal spinning refers to a 2-ply yarn where one of the plies has one long repeat of the color sequence while the other ply has several shorter color repeats. This is achieved by splitting the roving in half along its length and spinning the first ply from one portion. The second half of the roving is then split along its length 4 to 8 more times; these small portions are then spun one after another while maintaining the same color ordering. The two singles are then plied together, giving a balance of slow and fast color variation in the final skein."
Yeah. So, I did that, and you can see how neat it looked on two bobbins - long repeat on the center bobbin, shorter repeats on the other:
 (Brief cameo on the left bobbin from plain white wool for the Rainbow Blanket spinning!)

I two-plied, for 207 yards of finished yarn. I'd call it worsted-ish weight. I'm not a super consistent spinner, I really just don't spin enough. That said, I noticed an improvement in my consistency after the first bobbin! We'll see what shape I'm in after the Tour! Spin on!

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  1. Lovely! I have 4 oz of Field of Screams in my Tdf queue - I think I will follow your good example! I am having such a good time with TdF, every year I see a bump in my spinning skills from daily spinning. Such FUN!