Saturday, June 18, 2011


I love Saturday mornings. The husbeast often works weekends at the bike shop so these weekend mornings are truly my time. For the past few years I lived in St. Cloud I participated in a women's group that met every Saturday morning. Although I had some great friendships and often enjoyed our meetings, it just got to a point where it was no longer enjoyable. I felt like I was giving away more than I could replenish in myself. So I stopped going about 3 months ago and am so grateful for the extra hours in my weekend!

One thing many women seem to struggle with is saying no and balancing obligations with personal time. As a natural and professional caregiver, this is especially difficult as well as crucial for me. This definitely applies to my knitting. It seems like once people have seen my sweet little hand-knit baby sweaters, a common expectation is that I will knit a baby sweater for anyone and everyone. This seems like a pretty common complaint among knitters. I knit for fun, and I do love to see sweet little behbehs snuggled in wool. At the same time, I have to set limits on how much of my life I want to invest in each project. I'm certainly more than a masterpiece factory. I guess I'm writing this all down here to really remind myself that I have the right to set boundaries, and I don't have to feel guilty about that or fear others judging me for it. One of my "character defects" is definitely people-pleasing, as well as fearing the judgment of others. Like Sark says, "I have enough, I do enough, I am enough!"

So what's on the agenda for this Saturday? Things that make ME happy! I slept in (til 7:15, about as good as it gets for me) and drank coffee while hanging out with my husbeast until he went to work. I also reorganized  my sock yarn stash:
Knitpicks yarn to the left and center, 100g skeins in the center-right, and 50g skeins in the bottom right. My sweater-lot stash is on the shelf below.

Today also holds plans to buy buttons for this handspun baby sweater:
This was such a joy to knit. It's the February Baby Sweater from EZ, with stockinette instead of lace. The yarn is my handspun, superwash corriedale in "David's Gift" from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. I n-plied to preserve the color progression, and the knitting only took about 4 days. This is the 4th sweater in a serious of seasonal sweaters for the famous Baby A. Perfect! This is one baby I feel like I could knit for forever without getting tired of it! I'm working on a pair of knit baby leggings for him now, and really, really need to get started on his baby blanket - he's due in less than 3 months! Maybe I'll pop into the yarn store today as well :)

Off to enjoy my Saturday - enjoy yours as well!


  1. Lovely blog post and very cute sweater! I think a trip to the yarn store and some knitting sounds like an amazing Saturday plan. Have tons of fun!