Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Lunch

My lunch today: open-faced curried chickpea salad with mixed greens. I make my chickpea salad based on a curried chicken salad sandwich I once had at Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, Ky. This was about 2002, but that sandwich is still vivid in my memory!

My version: 1/2 cup of chickpeas, mashed up with a fork. Add 2 tablespoons of mayo/veganaise, 1/4 of a granny smith apple (chopped), 1 teaspoon each lemon juice and curry powder (or however much as you can stand - I like my curry flavor strong!), salt and pepper. Lots of variations on this, add whatever fruit you have on hand - I bet craisins would taste great. Also very good with cashews tossed in.

This plate clocks in at about 325 calories. Ideally, I do a 2(1)-3-4-5 break-up of calories, with two 100 calorie snacks, a 300 calorie breakfast, 400 at lunch, and 500 at supper. This lunch, plus the lighter breakfast I had (only about 210) means I will add in a treat - an afternoon latte, perhaps?

Anyway, this is a quick, easy lunch full of flavor and perfect for a Saturday!

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  1. That sounds yummie - will have to try it out!