Thursday, February 3, 2011

Milwaukee is pretty rad.

So... We went to Milwaukee for Brian's birthday last weekend. Our 3-day trip was amazing from start to finish. I really think I could just live in hotels and drive around strange cities looking for yarn stores and going out to eat at new restaurants for the rest of my life.

I knit a hat in the car:

Pattern is Wurm, yarn is Misti Alpaca Solid, Brian's expression is "nonchalant."

I worked on mittens for Brian's aunt at A Classic Slice.

We also ate rad food at Milwaukee's only 100% vegetarian restaurant, Cafe Manna. Lemme tell ya, it's not a cafe. It's a freaking restaurant. We were definitely the scruffiest people there.

Brian rode at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park and had a good time Friday and Saturday...

And also rode at 4 Seasons BMX/Skatepark. Guess what I did?

Yup, worked on my Audrey in Unst. I spent most of Saturday at The Knitting Knook in Fox Point - totally got my directions mixed up and spent my day with Mary and Annie there, instead of the knit-in I had RSVP'd for at a different yarn store. Kind of felt like a dumbass when I got home and realized I had bugged these poor women at the yarn store for like 3 hours. They were amazingly gracious, and I came home with some lovelies:
The black yarn on the right is Kraemer Sterling, made with wool, silk, and sterling silver. Whoa.
Our trip was super amazing, and I loved getting away with Brian for the weekend. It was the best of our style - doing our own hobbies, while sharing our excitement and experiences with each other over amazing food. Plus lots of in-the-car talking and late night Walgreens runs for junk food. Happy 30th, Husbeast Hotpants!


  1. Woo-hoo! Looks like a great time! Happy birthday, Brian!

  2. Too Cute...Too Fun...Thanks for sharing your weekend getaway!