Thursday, December 23, 2010

Teeny Little Vent

I just spent 3 hours at the mall and other shops, have seen the inside of countless fitting rooms, and shopped in every price range from ridiculous to, well, ridiculous. I'm trying to find a dress to wear to an event this evening (I know, I should have started earlier) that strikes the right balance of flattering, dressy, and whimsical. And for some fracking reason, I can't find it. Everything I tried on had something wrong with it - too slutty, too formal, fabric too thin, fabric too bulky, don't have the right bra/shoes/jewelry/face to wear with this, color doesn't suit me, what is with this weird poof of fabric right over my... you get the idea.

And at the core of my issue is that my body has changed so much this year that I have no clue how to shop for it and dress it. I got so used to being plus-size that I could just grab-and-go when I needed a particular outfit. But now I don't know how to find that magical place where my style and my shape intersect. It was a liberating day when I realized that I can no longer rely on my old favorites like Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. But now where do I look?

I guess I've run out of time, and out of options. Part of what has motivated me through losing 65 pounds is wanting to feel less awkward in my clothes. Well, guess there's no happy ending in sight on that one. Ha. Ha.


  1. That must have been disappointing. 65 pounds is such a big accomplishment you really should have a dress to feel great in. Keep that great smile, better than any dress. (LOL, I am channeling my mom)

  2. I know it's late now but I want you to know that you look great no matter what you're wearing! And you will get into a fashion/body size groove again in no time. Have you ever tried the store?

  3. That's not a teeny little vent! That's a very frustrating thing to have happen. Especially since you have worked so hard.

  4. Well, my friend Ann totally worked some magic and pulled a magnificent dress from her closet - she has superpowers, that woman. Yay! Fun times were certainly had!