Friday, December 24, 2010

That's not quite how it should have been...

I ordered Brian some rad stuff for Christmas, it wasn't right, and I sent it back, about a week ago. The creator of the stuff said they'd try to get it back to me by Christmas, so I've been stalking the mail every day this week, hoping for an xmas miracle. I was thrilled to find two packages in the mailbox when I got home this afternoon! Until I checked the return addresses...

Hmmm... Spunky Eclectic fiber club?
"David's Gift" on superwash corriedale
No, that's definitely not what I ordered for the Husbeast Hotpants. Package #2?

December = Love!
 Gritty Knits Fiber of the Month Club? For November and December?
November! Specially ordered.
Definitely not Brian's Christmas presents. Of course, you can see he got me a big box, and wrapped it in his own special way. Poor Brian. No Christmas for him until next week. I won't be stalking the mail by then... I'll be busy spinning!

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