Friday, March 15, 2013

Hats for Gillian - a retrospective

I love my cousin Gillian. And she loves hand-knit hats. Here are some of the hats I've knit for her over the years:

The first hat, knit in 2007 when we went to Kentucky.

Knit this hat on request in the popular Zissou style, in 2008.

This one was knit with leftovers from Gillian's blanket, and was the beginning of the popular yellowhat series. 2009.
Also in 2009 - a copy of the turquoise original above. Gillian has no qualms about loosing hats either.
This remake of the yellow one above was knit in 2012. I swear there was another yellow hat between this one and the last yellow one.

Well, this hat apparently ran off as well. Or was misplaced. Or something. So I whipped up a great Rikke hat out of RYC Merino Silk and some Liberty Wool. Brian took the pictures, so they went something like this:

Not a great hat picture, for obvious reasons. And this:


Yeah. Plenty of artistic vision and all, but seriously.

Getting closer...

Aw, well, that will have to do. Enjoy, Gillian! As long as you keep loving them, I'll keep knitting them!


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  1. In that first one that Brian took, I can't even tell you're wearing a hat. LOL! Although it's very artistic! Love them all. Very cute.