Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun on the water

Yesterday Brian and I spent the afternoon with our friends Kris, Kyia, and Aunders. It was hot, and a great day to be on the water.

Brian tried stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. It was a little windy on the Mississippi but Brian got the hang of it really quickly.

I totally spaced out grabbing my swimsuit when we left the house, so my paddle boarding will come another day. Kris tore up the paddle board on some sick waves (I know! On the river!) and ended up in the drink a few times. Not unexpected when you live on the edge, I guess. Kyia took a turn on the paddleboard, and Aunders even joined in by floating on his new blow-up baby jetski. He is such an adorable kid! I hung out on the pontoon and worked on my Ravellenics shawl, the Perpetual Shawl from the Fall 2012 Knitscene. Here's an in progress shot from earlier this week:

Yarn is a new one to me, Cascade Heritage Silk Blends. Very nice yarn, and reasonably priced too.

To celebrate Aunders' first birthday last week, I knit him a boating sweater. The irony of knitting a child a boating sweater really cracked me up. I knit the 2 year old size, since he is growing so quickly, and I think it turned out great.

It's just a little too big so he'll be able to wear it for quite a bit longer, I hope. The pattern is Seaside Sweater, which I ended up paying for to get all the sizes. I thought the pattern left something to be desired - the width of the sleeves was too narrow as written and I ripped them out and made up my own. Plus the pattern directed the knitter to graft the sleeves at top of arm - I did a three-needle bind-off. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and I thought it was perfect for this pattern. Very cute!

We're having a great summer, hope you are too!


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  1. Yeah! Fun on the water! Thanks for joining us! And for the beautiful sweater for our little Scandinavian boater! :)