Monday, July 16, 2012

Working out with baby sister

For my sister's 21st birthday last month, we went out to brunch. We talked about some fitness and nutrition stuff, and I invited her to train with me some time. I was so excited when we made plans to get together an do it! We've been working out weekly for the past month, and the kid is such a trouper. I put together a fierce workout for tonight which I thought I'd share if anyone is interested.

PT with Catie, 7/15/12

Cardio drill : 5 min

High knees 1 min

5 burpees

Mountain climbers 1 min

5 burpees

Jumping jacks 1 min

5 burpees

Low shuffle 1 min (we ended up wussing out and did a minute of toe taps instead - hopping on foot while tapping the other foot on an elevated step, back and forth)

5 burpees



20 reps, down by 2's: (20 reps the first time of each, then 18 of each, etc. We wussed out again and started at 10 reps instead of 20) bicep curls/squat and press up/tricep extensions

20 reps, down by 2's: Pushups/curtsy lunge/squat jump

20 reps, down by 2's: lunge with elevated back leg/squat pulse/Thigh pulse (thigh pulse move is the first one here)


Russian twist x20, 2 sets

Side crunch - these are just little crunches with bend knees laying on the floor to your left & to your right. 25 crunches each side.

Tap to sides - sit on the ground, lean back onto elbows, bent knees together, alternate tapping toes to either side. I think we did 30 reps?

60 seconds of crunches

And then we ran out of time so we had to stretch it out & quit :( 40 minute workout total, we were sweating like crazy!

Here's my cute sister at the birthday brunch! Love this kid, she's so tough and hardly complains!



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