Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shepherd's Harvest 2012

Shepherd's Harvest - it's the MN sheep and wool festival. I like to pretend it's like an outdoor Mall of America for knitters, without (almost any) angsty teenagers roaming in packs. Every year, I stock up on yarn and fiber from local-ish vendors, hang with friends, and enjoy the atmosphere. This year, I went with Lisa and Emily, and we met up with Sarah and Leah there. Audrey just happened to drop by on her way from Detroit, too, which was AMAZING.

There were sheep and other fibery animals to see:

This guy had awesome curly horns!
Jacob sheep - they have 4 horns. Awesome.

I premiered my Daybreak shawl, knit out of Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! (even though Audrey doesn't like it) and  Creatively Dyed Yarns Sami. The Sami (in yellow) was terrible yarn, the skein was only 128g instead of the 184g listed on the label. It was full of tangles, and they dye didn't take consistently. Terrible. But I bought the yarn at Rhinebeck last year and I love the finished shawl - I can't tell you how many people stopped me to tell me they loved it, and to ask for the pattern name. I felt fabulously fashionable all day!

And of course, Shepherd's Harvest is full of awesome things to buy! Our customary yarn haul shot:
Only the stuff across the bumper is mine :) and the garbage bags of yarn and fiber are the Macy's which we picked up for them at the festival from the mill. (The following links go to Ravelry, yarnie friends!) I got some lovely Cloudlover, of course (Thanks, Jessica, for being awesome!!!), some Madtosh Merino Light, and I tried some new-to-me yarns too, including All For Love of Yarn Seela sock, and Sun Valley Fibers single ply sock yarn - it reminds me a lot of the Madtosh, actually. Lisa even scored free yarn for each of us with a sweet wine cork barter with Interlacements! I chose lime green, of course.

I ended up taking this picture, which I love because I think it captures my wild hyperthymic style and passion for yarn. I even made it my Ravatar, as Emily suggested, and it's on top of the blog. I'll try not to wear it out though!
Can't wait for next year, so much fun!

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