Thursday, May 17, 2012

Patriotic knitting?

Well, I am no fan of patriotism. It seems like a quick slide from that to nationalism, and then to oppression and genocide. I hold no illusions that America is better (or worse) than other nations - it's far too complex to than simply up or down on the index. But, I have this coworker. She's sweet, and wouldn't know a geopolitical conflict if it knocked at her door. She loves the USA, and her second daughter is due June 30. Of course she requested a baby sweater in the good ol' red, white, and blue. I used the Twinkle Vintage Baby Cardigan for this one, and I think the star buttons were the perfect touch! It's as cute as it could possibly be, under the circumstances. Yarn is Shibui sock (blue and white) and Pagewood Farms sock yarn in red.


  1. Agree completely about patriotism - that said, adorable baby sweater!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Babies look cute in everything, I think.