Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweaters, sweaters everywhere

I am almost done with the 11 Sweaters in 2011... I can hardly believe it! I finished the Estelle cardigan, not sure if I blogged about it. I haven't taken pictures of it, or even sewed on the buttons yet! The impending 11 Sweaters deadline, NaKniSweMo, and a long list of xmas knitting have taken precedence. That was sweater #9, and I just kept plowing along.

Before I even finished Estelle, I had cast on a sweater for my mother-in-law for Christmas. In my weightloss, I shrank out of most of the sweaters I had knit for myself, and passed them on to my mom. It just wasn't fair for my mother-in-law. So I brought over a stack of patterns and she picked out the Berry and Bramble cardigan from Fall 2009's Interweave Knits. Let me tell you, that thing was a beast. I didn't have much of any bobble experience before this pattern, so I didn't realize knitting an entire sweater in a bobble pattern would take for freaking ever. It was just a slog. What kept me plugging away was the knowledge that I could knit a dozen of these for my MIL and that would only measure up to a fraction of all she's done for me, let alone for Brian and I as a couple. My MIL ROCKS.

Still needs a single-button closure sewn on.
So sweater #10 is done! (yarn is SW Cascade 220, btw)

I have participated in National Knit a Sweater Month (aka NaKniSweMo) for a couple of years now, and thought it would be the perfect way to wrap up my year of sweaters. I had originally picked the Zick Zack tunic from my queue, because I was desperate to use the Bittersweet Woolery lace yarn I bought from Tina on our Rhinebeck trip. Unfortunately, my practical side won out and I realized knitting a knee-length laceweight sweater the month before xmas might make me homicidal. I picked the Greenfield cardigan instead. It's coming along nicely, especially now that my MIL's sweater is done. About 6 rows from dividing the sleeves from the body:

I'm even being a "good" knitter and alternating skeins. The yarn is a handpainted merino/mohair blend from Decadent Fibers, purchased at Rhinebeck. This will be my final sweater of the 2011 challenge, and I admit I'm already plotting my scheme for 2012!

In between all these sweaters, I've managed to hammer out a few smaller xmas gifts for family as well. These lucky recipients are also blog readers/fb friends so no pictures here!

I did get a picture of 2011 Sweater #7, the Falling Stars steeked cardigan that my awesome MIL got me as a kit for xmas last year:

 Hooray for sweaters!


  1. All your sweaters look so great! Wonderful job. Are you plotting more sweaters next year or something else?

  2. Look at you go! I'm in awe of your beautiful sweaters.