Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wisconsin/North Shore Adventures

A few weeks ago, Brian and I went on an awesome trip to Hayward, WI, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and Duluth. We had exceptional weather throughout. Here are some pictures from our trip!
Relaxing at my uncle's cabin with coffee... yes!

Brian loves mini-golf. Or as he calls it, "adventure golf."
grilled veggie burgers with portabellas and onions, with grilled asparagus. We ate every meal outside!

While we were in Hayward, we stopped at a neat yarn store in Cable called Pine Needles. I recommend checking it out if you're in the area.

After bumming around Hayward on Friday, we went northish to Red Cliff for a guided kayak tour of the sea caves of the Apostle Islands. Neither of us had kayaked before, but I think we really lucked out with a combination of good instruction and awesome, calm weather.

Before we began
Paddling through an archway
Super amazing weather all around!
So amazing! We even learned about the geological formations of the cliffs. I'm smarter now!

Brian didn't want to stop :)

We highly recommend Living Adventure if you are interested in an amazing experience on Lake Superior! Worth every cent!

On Sunday we headed to Duluth. Whenever we come down the hill and I see the bay open up and the sight of the water just HITS me and I feel like I'm inhaling a great big gulp of air after holding my breath for too long. It does a crazy sort of alchemy to my spirit, I think.

My ahhh moment, at Leif Erikson Park
Brian riding trials, see the lift bridge in the background?
Brian calls this "adventure knitting"
We spent Sunday outside all day, and stayed in a hotel in Canal Park. We haven't stayed down there before, we felt like total tourists but it was fun. I got to eat at my favorite spots, Luce's, Bei Jing (it looks like a dive but I swear it rocks!), and even take a trip to Yarn Harbor. I scored a skein of this gorgeous sock yarn:

Just before leaving on our trip, we found out some close friends of ours are expecting a baby. We are so freaking thrilled for them! I bought this skein, in the color "Molly", thinking it would make a cute dress if they find out they're having a little girl.

On our last day in Duluth (Monday) we hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail west of Duluth (some ski trail off skyline, way west?). The scenery was gorgeous, but the steep 4 mile hike almost killed me! Worth it though, and a great way to end my trip with my sweetheart. 

St. Louis River behind us
We're already dreaming of our next trip together, to Milwaukee again in January!

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