Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, at least it's over.

The Falling Stars sweater is finished, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I spun some weird wool, called Masham, a breed I'd never used or even heard of before. It's a longwool, so I spun it as a single. And I knit it into a simple top-down, triangular shawl.

It's too small and horribly, horribly itchy. And it is done. That is all I want to say about it.

The Rhinebeck Sweater is being engineered - I reversed EZ's circular yoke sweater to be knit from the top down. It involved math (multiplication! ACK!) and swatching, and research. Good thing I love knitting. I'm using a handspun yarn for the yoke, and a commercial yarn for the body.

Brian and I are anticipating a vacation coming up soon, and I signed us up for an all-day sea kayak tour. I have never kayaked, but it seemed like a really great idea at the time! I just think it will be really awesome to paddle into a sea cave - can't wait for some gorgeous sights, lots of knitting time, and hanging with Husbeast Hotpants!


  1. Your shawl/scarf looks pretty - too bad it is itchy. Vacation! YEA!

  2. Pretty colors on that shawl. Damn itchiness.

    Have fun on your vacation!