Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's & Pirates

Gritty Knits' fiber club came in the mail last week, and all I can think of is those little chalky hearts from Valentine's day!

Because the colors vary so much from end to end, I'm envisioning a fractal 2-ply. Trust me, it's gonna be awesome.

Today is Pirate Knitting Day. I'm going to a party, there's gonna be pirate movies, and I'm bringing this:

Knit Picks Imagination "Pirate King" 
What are you up to?


  1. What will you be knitting with your Pirate King?

  2. I'm knitting a plain ol' sock for the Husbeast. Simple movie knitting, while we caught up on Pirate movies.

  3. so pretty!
    *breaking heart* ...maybe I should have gone with gritty knits fiber club... I got drawn in by the painted tiger's rainbows.