Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs

This week's 10 on Tuesday is 10 Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs. Some of these can be found at any time in my sidebar, but I think I can dig up a few other goodies.

1. Just Go for a Ride...
This blog belongs to the infamous Ben Doom. He is a committed, thoughtful blogger and a rad human being. He's also my husband's bestie and boss, and I admire him a lot. His blog focuses on various types of bicycling and "day in the life" stuff. Good read.

2. Kyia's Just Riding Along
Miz Kyia is in a band with Brian, and I became friends with her through that route. She has this incredible luminous energy, which can only be glimpsed through the static medium of her blog. But with her hectic travel schedule, it's sometimes all I can get! (Can you tell I miss her lots lately?) I like Kyia's blog for it's amazing photography, world travels, ski trail reports, and all around good times.

3. Born This Way
Focusing on individual submissions, this blog showcases childhood photos and coming out stories from gay men and lesbians. It's often hilarious, frequently heart-warming, and always fabulous, girlfriend. Check it out.

I have a serious food crush on Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and if you're too cheap to buy her insanely awesome cookbooks, you can get some recipes here. Also, lovely food photos and vegan news. I heart you, PPK!

5. Overheard in Minneapolis
Pretty self explanatory, with that particular Midwest sensibility.

6. A Year of Slow Cooking
So, this lady made something in her crock pot every day for a YEAR. And I ate heartily through grad school as a result. Thanks!

7. The Sartorialist
When I want to remind myself how midwestern I am. On-the-street fashion photography and analysis.

8. Ordinary Courage
The Brené Brown blog. Brené is one of my heroes. She researches shame, resilience, perfection, and authenticity. She is a social worker and a treasure, and has shaped my life personally and professionally. I interviewed her for my MSW thesis!

9. FatFreeVegan, Vegan Dad
Nummy food.

10. Wise Bread: Personal Finance and Frugal Living
I am sort of a personal finance nutcase. So here's where I get some dirt.

Hopefully you've found some new faves among my top non-knitting blogs. Enjoy!

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