Saturday, December 18, 2010

1993 mittens

Envision, if you will: Jenna, age 8, wearing an oversized The Babysitter's Club t-shirt and hot pink spandex cropped leggings with printed turquoise & black triangles, rocking to the Michael Jackson's Bad on her teal and yellow boombox. Gentle reader, you have been transported back to 1993.

This memory came flooding back to me when I received a bump of hand-dyed top in a custom colorway. I'm calling it 1993.

Yep, it's really this bright.
 I picked up the fiber on Wednesday afternoon and set to spinning.

Finished singles. I let them take a break while I went out to eat with my family, and started plying when I got home.

~115 yards of Navajo-plied bulky-weight yarn.

The finished yarn took a quick soak in the sink and then I carefully arranged it on the drying rack, with a box fan aimed directly at it. By morning it was dry and I set to knitting. A few hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer later, I had completed mittens. From wool to mittens in two days - I can move quickly when I want to! (Pattern is Tip Down Mittens, link goes to Ravelry)

Hooray for Handspun mittens!


  1. mmmmrowr, those are gorgeous! LOVE IT!!

  2. Woo-hoo! They are SO 1993 and I can so picture you in that outfit. lol

  3. totally fresh :O
    and now the theme to The Babysitter's Club is in my head.