Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It will three weeks tomorrow since my internship ended at Journey Home. I miss it terribly. It's strange to have spend so much of my life being extraordinarily industrious, and now to be at rest. I have a job opportunity in the new year that I believe is worth waiting for, and my partner and I believe we are financially able to wait for... but I really suck at waiting. Its just so weird, after going to work full-time at 16 years old, working two and three jobs for years while in college, completing my bachelor's and master's degrees in only 4 years (total combined!), to now waking up whenever I please and knitting all day. I'm concerned my brain may start to cannibalize itself, or I may start accosting strangers at the YMCA and offering pro bono psychosocial assessments.

I need to get better at resting and being at peace. I actually meditated for 5 minutes today. Ugh, you can tell I'm getting desperate, huh? Suggestions?

Edited to add: I just read my horoscope for the week:
"This is a very trying time when doubt is cast on your most cherished ideals and lofty dreams. If you are a religious person, you may have the sobering realization of inconsistencies in your spiritual philosophy or hypocrisies within the church. Doubts about your spiritual path can bring you to a crisis and a crossroads in your thinking and attitude towards life. If you have not been taking a strong interest in metaphysical or spiritual areas, you may have a crisis regarding charitable activities or social and political ideals. Additionally, it is common for this astrological influence to bring about a general feeling of discontent with life, lack of motivation and energy, or negative attitudes and moods, without any apparent cause."


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  1. Well, more meetups with awesome friends are always appreciated :)