Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cobblestone Sweater

I love things that match or go together. I love clever patterns and interlocking things - its just how my brain works. I make things relate to other things, and it's off to the races. See if you can follow me on this one.

Last July, I participated in the Tour de Fleece, a yarn-spinning challenge that takes place during the Tour de France (which is sort of like the NCAA Final Four at our house). I spun A. Lot. Of. Yarn.  (almost 2 pounds!)

The color was called "Champagne" but it's also the Tour de France colors. When I saw the pattern for the  Cobblestone Pullover, I knew I had to make my own Paris-Roubaix sweater in honor of the very difficult Tour stage notorious for it's cobblestone streets. (It's also a separate race in the springtime, but whatever. It's my sweater, I can name it whatever the hell I want).

This sweater turned out great. The only modification was to knit a split hem so I didn't have to add any waist shaping. This was my second NaKniSweMo sweater, and it was knit in two weeks (exactly). This sweater is lightweight but very warm, and it's lovely to wear something that shows off my handspun. Hooray!


  1. That is awesome, Jenna! I love the sweater, but I love the story more.

  2. What a great sweater! It looks great!

  3. I LOVE that sweater, and you are a knitting Goddess!