Friday, November 26, 2010

But, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Put up my tree today!

I went light on the ornaments this year. I wasn't really feeling the ornaments I have, which are all in a traditional gold/red/green/frosted white scheme. I am wishing for robin's egg blue, plus gold and frosted white. Maybe next year? I also have a tree skirt and stocking my gramma sewed. Yay for Gramma! Also, do you see the tiny gray spindle ornament next to the bicycle ornament up top? My favorite.

I've been knitting baby booties lately, for an upcoming baby shower. I really should be studying for the licensing exam I have to take next Thursday... eh, I'll get to it.


  1. Love the booties, what pattern did you use?

  2. The pattern is called "Oh! Baby! Baby Booties", and I found it on Ravelry for free. You cut and rejoin the yarn a few times, but the result is well worth it for me.