Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kitties on the Compound!

We like to call our place a "compound"... Something to do with Brian's jealousy of some famous motocross rider?

Anyway, when we moved in, our place had a stray cat hanging around. She's completely feral and avoids any human contact. We feed her a little bit of cat food every few days in hopes that she will hang around to eat mice and other pests. I named her Zara and tried really hard to tame her, but she's not cooperating at all!

Even though she flees whenever she sees us, she will occasionally lay on our front stoop and hang out if we haven't fed her in a few days. Well, yesterday I was able to sneakily capture this photo of Zara (on the stoop) with her new friend! We are calling him Mussolini. It just seemed to stick, I don't know why!

Aren't they cute??

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