Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mean Abs June

I love being fit. I spent years being not fit, and the shame I heaped on myself just made me eat more and more. When I got serious about fitness, nutrition, and the resulting weight loss, I found some serious pride and self-respect. I love the bragging rights that come along with being able to tackle serious physical challenges. With that said, I'm excited about this challenge for the core in the month of June (found on pinterest). It involves some daily effort of increasing intensity. If I stick with it, I know I'll love the results and have some serious badass points on my personal tally. Hope you'll join me! I saved the image as my iPad background and set a daily reminder to help me stay consistent. Do you have any fitness challenges coming up? How do you stay consistent?


  1. The physiologist in me wants to tell you that two rest days a week would be much better for your body but you're hardcore so I know you'll do it this way anyway. ;)