Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Morning Workout

Last night I made supper for a friend, including a derby pie. Derby pie is essentially nuts and chocolate in a gooey cookie dough in a pie shell. Yeah. I was due for a serious workout this morning! I am pretty specific about how I put together my home workouts, and invest some time and thought into how I construct them. So I thought I'd share, in case you felt like burning some calories today too!

I have a Gymboss timer which really helps. $20 at I also grabbed my yoga mat, 10 and 5 pound dumbells, a jump rope, water, and of course tunes (Jay-Z today). First I set my Gymboss timer for 10 intervals of 60 seconds, with 10 seconds in between. I did each cardio drill for one 60 second interval:
Jumping rope
Jogging (I ran around the house for 2 minutes. Yep, I'm that neighbor.)
Sprints (from each end if the clothesline and back)
Stepping up and down on one step (60 seconds leading with each leg)
Side hustles the length of the clothesline
High knees
Jumping jacks

Then I set my timer for 45 rounds of alternating 30 and 5 second intervals. I did each pair of exercises twice.
Wood chops and planks
Sumo squats and jumping jack planks
Lunges and reverse fly (10 pound dumbells)
Curtsy lunges and tricep extensions (with one 10 lb weight)
Heel pulse (30 seconds each leg) and push up with row (5 lb weights)
Leg lifts and side planks (this I did twice on each side)
Tricep dips and step up two steps (hold 10 lb weights)
Squat and press up, just did this for a full minute

This doesn't add up to 45 rounds because I took water breaks and did an occasional 30 second interval of cardio to keep my heart rate up.
Next I did a full minute of jump roping and a minute of stepping up and down to get my heart rate up again. Next I did an "ab ladder", which I learned from my trainer at the Y.
60 second plank
50 crunches
40 bicycle crunches
30 low-ab leg lifts
20 crunches with knees bent to chest
10 flutter kicks
60 second plank

Then I ended with 15 push ups. This took me about 45 minutes total, including stretching. MyFitnessPal estimated I burned 500 calories during this time, which seems crazy high but I'm not questioning it too much. Hope you give it a try! I feel worked but great!

Here's my workout spot. Cool and cloudy this afternoon, perfect!

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