Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After seeing all the gorgeous fiber at Shepherd's Harvest, I just had to get spinning!

This alpaca two ply comes from these two different rovings plied together:

 Combined, they totaled 4-5/8 oz, and I got 177 yards of uber-soft, snuggly bulky 2-ply:
It's just awesomely soft! It really fluffed up, too. This will need to be a cowl, or something close to the face.

I also spun this roving from The Shepherd's Purse:

NOT IMPRESSED. The wool-mohair blend with glitz turned out to be several random colored strips of roving braided together, and some of it was so matted & felted that it was unspinnable. It also contained lots of VM. I'm glad I got it just for the sake of Project Spectrum: May (red), and feel that I made the most of it (118 yards of 2-ply) but it was definitely a drag to spin. Eh. Live and learn.

In knitting, I'm rocking out 14" of stockinette on size 3 needles, each round is 220 stitches. Yeah. Draw your own conclusions about my feelings on the matter.


  1. Gorgeous first yarn! I LOVE purple and green together. A definitely Jenna combination.

    The other one, I'm sorry it sucked. It looks okay from here, if that makes you feel any better!

  2. Both yarns are pretty, too bad the red wasn't a fun spin but it is done! The purple/green looks especially soft, will be a fun knit too I bet!