Monday, March 21, 2011

Delightful Things

Today marks 1 year that I've been counting calories. I was thinking about doing some super-snazzy post describing how good I feel now, how hard it's been, and how excited I feel about losing 70 pounds. I was gonna post lots of before and after pics, showing how differently I look after going from a size 20 to size 15, how losing 6" in both my bust and hips has changed how I fill space and move in my own body. I wanted to tell you that losing weight hasn't changed my life because losing weight doesn't guarantee self-esteem or better relationships or happiness. I would like you to know that being 70 pounds lighter has, however, helped me to live in my own head and in my own life without being trapped in the shaming cycle of compulsive overeating and self-hate.

But that would be a really long post. And while all that weight was coming off, life was going on, and continues to go on. So instead of that post, you get this post:

This is my friend Will. I've gotten to know him in the past year through a mutual friend and some mutual interests, and I've had the rare gift of seeing joy stealthily creep into his life. And by not being obsessed with my body, my weight, and with food, I've been more available to build friendships and connections. And that's the most delightful gift of all - by making healthier choices, I've had more room in my life for the kind of spontaneous joy that was captured in this snap. And I look damn good in a green sweater. Pow!


  1. Congrats! You deserve every bit of spontaneous joy you get!

  2. You are a shining star! and damn that green sweater looks suweet! Whoot woow! Wink Wink!

  3. You look great in that green sweater! Congratulations on your accomplishments!