Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whoops (An Iowa Escapade)

Had a lovely mini-vaycay in Iowa with family this weekend. Brian's cousin Amanda moved to central Iowa with her husband Gunner and their 2 little boys. (They are the folks we visited on return from our Kentucky trip, too) Brian and Gunner rode the CIRREM, a 100 km bicycle race on gravel in Cumming, Iowa in February. Yeah. "It was hard," was the final word on it from Brian. (Picture here)

 Amanda and I took the kiddos on a trip over to Ames where Amanda had generously scoped out some yarn stores for me to tour. We visited Rose Tree Fiber Shop and The Ames Knittery. I got a skein of the Kauni Fingering in long repeats of green, will make a lovely shawl!

The company and hospitality were incredible. I feel so very lucky to have "inherited" through Brian such amazing folks I get to call family. What a gift!

On our way back we stopped at Pizza Lucé in Minneapolis and grabbed a few vegan pizzas, a rare treat for us. We had the Athena, veganized, and a soy cheese pie with meatless sausage. Nom nom nom. I love you, Lucé's! 

It was a super amazing weekend and a wonderful road trip. Unfortunately, I have no pictures because both Brian and I forgot our cameras. Whoops.

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  1. Yay for awesome weekends! Sounds like a great time (except, you know, for riding bike 100 km in the snow).