Friday, January 14, 2011

Good, good things.

First of all, I knit a hat for my cousin Michaela. It's the Felicity pattern in Dark Horse Fantasy yarn. (Which is a creepy name for yarn, especially if you've seen Clerks II.)

Second, I'm still loving my job! I just got my first check and *swoon*, it's a good one. So I bought Brian a new camera for his birthday.

Third, we got a check for $100 from Brian's oral surgeon - apparently we overpaid when he had his procedure last April.

Fourth, I'm eligible for dental insurance again, and at a reasonable rate. Brian can get his cavities (all 10 of them!) filled! Yay!

Fifth, we're going to Milwaukee for Brian's birthday, and I've already scoped out some yarn stores.

Sixth, I brought my wheel to guild last night and actually spun on it. Good times. I think I'm bringing it to Milwaukee!

Seventh, I'm losing weight again - I lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Fabulous!

Eighth, it's the freaking weekend. Have fun!