Friday, December 10, 2010

The Great Yarn Closet Clean-Out

The Yarn Closet was in tough shape.

I was really just throwing stuff in there without even turning on the light. It was overwhelming chaos, plus I had all this other random non-knitting stuff in there too.

My horoscopes for today said:
"It's a good time to rethink your approach to your furniture, books, accessories or whatever else you think is under control. New systems of organization are easier to bring to life today!"
"Your life is feeling as stale as an old cat’s breath, so you might want to think about ways to redecorate your home or office. An updated decor isn’t going to work miracles, but at least your environment won’t be as tiresome as you are."

Wow, okay, I get it. So I spent 2 hours this afternoon taking everything out and putting it all back in. It was a little sketchy for a minute (I envisioned myself ending up like Langley Collyer), I made it out alive.
After the yarn & fiber came out... just the beginning
Whoa. Barren!
 Now the closet looks snazzy!

Nice and organized.
Yay! I can walk into the room again!
The only mistake I made was spraying furniture polish in the room - the floor is like a miniature skating rink. Whoa. I also winnowed a full laundry basket of yarn and tools to bring to the MN Prairie Spinner's Swap on the 27th. Hooray for cleaning, organizing, and pretty yarn & fiber!


  1. If you get rid of Kate I want her back! I don't even see her in the pictures :(

  2. Oh goodness, I thought you were selling all that fiber. That's what I get for picture reading my knitting blogs!

    PS Hiya!

  3. I love that you have this nice space just for your knitting things and fiber. I would love to have the space to dedicate just to my beads, yarn and painting stuff. Looks great, Jenna!

  4. Yay! It looks great, Jenna. I looooooved your fibery room. I think I could have sit and knit in there all weekend. Haha

  5. Thanks for the comments!
    Audrey, Kate is in a place of honor hanging on the left wall, out of sight of possible internet Kate-stalkers. I'm that protective.
    Katie, I think the only thing I'm missing in there is a sofa chair, an iPad loaded with Netflix, and a coffeepot :)
    Jen & Nishanna: Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for keeping in touch!