Friday, November 19, 2010

Drive-By Posting

My past two weeks have been hectic, as I was asked to fill in full-time at my workplace for someone who is out for health issues. So I have been very busy, and when I wasn't busy I was on call! My knitting has been suffering, but I managed to bang out the sleeves for my handspun Cobblestone sweater (I'm thinking of calling it my Paris-Roubaix sweater, since I spun the yarn during the Tour de Fleece last summer). I even joined the whole thing together, and am up to the yoke now:

I'm hoping to get lots more done - because in addition to my fill-in position, I have to work my own overnight shifts this weekend. I was pretty disappointed that no one was willing/able to cover for me, but it's all overtime, so my Christmas will be a little more merry with that paycheck.

Brian and I made these awesome pumpkin shakes last night and watched some Warehouse 13. I really love that show, and reccomend it highly if you were an X-Files fan back in the day, like me. Here's a shot of our yummy shakes:
Super easy! A pint of vanilla soy ice cream, a cup and a half of frozen pumpkin, and enough soy milk to make it creamy. At first I thought I should have added sugar, but it really doesn't need it. I garnished mine with nutmeg and a vegan gingerbread roll-out cookie. (It's supposed to be a star!) Yum, we will be making these again! The calorie load, though... eek. It's a milkshake, though, so what do I expect?!?

Stay warm and knit fast, friends. By the way, what are you making for Thanksgiving?

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