Friday, October 22, 2010

Inaugural Post

I used to blog over on LiveJournal as To Knit or To Study?, but figured the name was no longer relevant a year after finishing grad school. I also wanted a forum that was more than just a knitting blog - a place where I can document culinary adventures, travel experiences, and general hoodlumfoolery. So... here it is.

Yesterday I roasted a gigantic pumpkin. GIGANTIC. So I need to make lots of pumpkin things. Unfortunately, Husbeast Hotpants specified that he will only eat sweet pumpkin things, not savory. So I baked a pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel from the Veganomicon.

It turned out pretty rad. Then I walked to the yarn store to pick up the yarn in "JennaGreen" that I have been coveting for the past few weeks.

5 skeins of awesome Pima/Silk Tonos from Misti Alpaca.

Now, I'm going to work on my Cloudy Sunday sweater for a few hours before I have to take a super nap. Working the overnight shift every other weekend is much improved by a 3-hour nap before my shift. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. cake looks awesome and the yarn does too. Love the new blog!

  2. Yo...didn't your Grandma tell you not to buy so much?!
    J/K like I should talk, ask Brian about my spending.

  3. Congrats on the new blog home! The green alpaca is beautiful!

  4. Yay for new blogs! Good job on the cooking, and I love the yarn :)